Want to find out more information? About Teen Health offers an extensive list of resources to help teens get the most out of their subscription and time with us. Check out these useful links below:

Thursdays Child Organization – This organization works as a 24- hour hotline for youth and their families to listen and find solutions. While other hotlines are solely there to listen, Thursday’s Child is one to help victims deal with issues.

Missing Kids Cybertipline – the CyberTipline is dedicated to help and prevent any sign of exploitation of children. The organization provides the ability to report any cases of child sexual molestation, pornography, sex tourism trafficking, and missing children.

Hopeline Network – The Hope Center is a non-profit organization that focuses on suicide awareness, prevention and education. The organization helps the youth through events, online chat, hotlines, and education.

WebMD Teen – The WebMD is a powerful resource where you can find all the answers to your health care questions. The site works with a team of doctors and health experts across the nation to provide a large range of content that will help you find accurate answers.

Be sure to check out all the resources available and stay tuned for more to come!