Anxiety in Teens: How to Cope

Everyone can feel anxious from time to time. No matter what age you are, anxiety is a normal reaction to feeling stressed. Situations like meetings, tests, public speaking, and competing in sports can make any of us feel a bit uneasy or apprehensive.

However, some teens tend to act more strongly to such conditions that may lead them to feel anxiety. Believe it or not – anxiety is sometimes a good thing as it helps your mind deal with use situations and how to overcome them. When studying for a test, such anxiety can make you want to feel motivated to do your best.

On the other hand, anxiety can have the power to become harmful. This is especially true when experienced in irrationally and excessive condition that prevents you from focuses on your daily tasks.

How to Cope with Anxiety in Teens

Many teens can find ways to cope with their high anxiety. What’s important in this situation is to recognize your emotions of what you’re feeling and why. Once you recognize the types of situations that may cause your anxiety, you will be able to find effective solutions.

Signs of Excessive Anxiety

You do feel worried or anxious all the time for no reason at all? Teens often feel anxiety due to something going on in their daily lives such as a test, a date, or even a big game. However, if you feel anxiety for no reason at all, your anxiety level may be extremely high. Worrying is normal, but if you find yourself worrying too much about everyday events or constantly worrying, your anxiety level might be too high.

Do you continuously check to see if you did something right? It is normal to double check to make sure it is right. However, if you continue to check something repeatedly, this might be a major sign that you have too much anxiety.

Treatments for Teens with Anxiety

The most important step to reducing high levels of anxiety is finding the best treatment. Treating anxiety usually involves seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist, or clinical worker. Your school counselors might also be a great resource to help you find the treatment that works for you.


Medication can be useful to help treat your anxiety. Depending on the type of anxiety you may be experiencing, there are several types of prescription medications.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Teens suffering from anxiety will need to see a therapist to help you identify what may cause your anxiety and how to reduce hem. It is important to see a therapy who has the expertise in treating anxiety.


This form of treatment will use electronics to measure the body’s response to stress. The sensors will be placed on the specific muscles sites where the therapist will read the tension shown in your muscles.


If you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, it is important to seek treatment right away for better help and results.

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