5 Tips on Surviving Your Period

Every month, girls are forced to deal with the cramps and pain that goes along with bloating and irritation by our periods. While we can’t necessarily stop our period, we have end suffering from these harsh symptoms.

Here are five tips on surviving your periods.

Stay Hydrated

Believe it or not, water isn’t the cause of bloat you feel during your menstruation. Keeping your body fully hydrated will help get rid of the boated feeling and speed up your digestion. Drinking enough water will also prevent water retention that is easily caused by your hormonal changes during your period.

Reduce Caffeine & Salt Intake

Avoid fast and processed foods. The high-salt levels will force your body to hold water retention and increase bloating. The caffeine will irritate the stomach and increase the acidity in the intestines. This will make your cramps more painful and increase the discomfort.

Increase Your Calcium

During your period, increase your calcium intake of yogurt, milk, broccoliand cabbage. These foods will naturally resist spasms and help avoid cramps. Women who consume at least 1200 mg of calcium a day will benefit by lightening your flow.

Eat Chocolate

Having a daily dose of chocolate during your menstruation will help produce the stimulation of serotonin. This gives your body the good feeling and gets rid of the anxiety, mood swings, and irritation that you might be experiencing. Aim for high levels of cacao to help soothe your pains.

Add Heat

Allow yourself to stretch and relax with a heating pad to help loosen your tight muscles and soothe cramps. This will allow reduce anxiety and allow your body to feel recharged.

How do you survive your period? What other tips would you like to share? Comment below and let us know!

About the Author: Genia